About Us

The Sleds of Stafford Snowmobile Club is a local organization run by members to help the snowmobile community. The goal of the club is to provide education for our members, and provide a trail system that is safe, legal and fun for all that ride on it. We are funded by Sponsor donations, Membership fees, Fund raisers, and NYS Trail Grant Money.

The labor is all volunteer work from our dedicated members, who work throughout the year to clear trails, mark them for safety, staff fund raisers and educational classes, and to obtain permission from private landowners to allow snowmobilers access to their property.

We continue to strive to form the best possible experience for all those involved including land owners, sponsors and members.

History and Progress of the Club

The Sleds of Stafford was originally formed in 1971, until the mid-1980’s.  The club was then started back up in 2000.

We now have 80 miles of Marked, Groomed trails, 112 generous land owners who allow trails on their private property, and 4 Class A Groomers. The first groomer was purchased in 2001. Sleds of Stafford bought a 1978 Tucker Sno Cat to help maintain their trails. In 2003, they traded that groomer for a newer 1993 Tucker Sno Cat with a 1998 Mogul Master drag. The club soon grew enough to purchase a 1994 Ford Sur Trac groomer at the end of the 2004 riding season. This helped to provide more frequent grooming on all sections of trails

In April of 2004 they purchased a John Deere gator at an auction. The Gator carries much more trail marking equipment and does less damage to land than 4 wheelers. The trail bosses and volunteers can easily transfer the equipment from person to person for marking each section of trails. A third groomer was purchased in March of 2006. The 1989 Tucker Sno Cat and Mogul Master drag will be kept in Pavilion to help maintain trails on that end of our territory better.

In 2010, we completed construction of a groomer barn on Sanders Rd in Stafford, with the trail running directly alongside the property.

2013 the club purchased a 2006 John Deere 6420 with rubber tracks trading our 89 Tucker. March 2022, we just purchased our 4th trail groomer a 2004 New holland Sur-Trac having 4 groomers will help with our grooming the trails and make safer trails. Each of these groomers pull an 8’-9’ Drag, to cut, leveling and pack the snow for a smooth surface.

Our trails start at the Monroe County Line in Churchville following the West Shore to the Transit Rd in Elba, to the Genesee County Park, from Genesee County Airport to Stafford into LeRoy and down around Pavilion and into Wyoming County. We have installed many culverts and build our bridges up to 16’x50’ using tractor trailer beds. Our trails are for only snowmobile use only with 5” of snow and opens the day after deer season is over.

We have been told that our trails are the best marked, maintained, groomed trails around the area, with our members being dedicated to making the best, but without our Landowners our trails would not be possible, Our Land owner make our trail Great, Thanks to all Landowners.  

With each step forward, Sleds of Stafford works towards making our trails the safest and most enjoyable they can be. The club has great plans for the future, and we hope to see more of you join in at SledsofStafford.com or on Facebook Sleds of Stafford Snowmobile Club – Ken Radley, President