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Trail Watch program

The New York State Snowmobile Association has initiated the Trail Watch program to involve all snowmobilers in Homeland Security. 

With the approval and support of the New York State Office of Homeland Security and the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation we are establishing an educational program which will provide thousands of eyes and ears to inform law enforcement about suspicious activity near sensitive facilities. 

New York has over 13,000 miles of snowmobile trails, many of which are on or near property that has vital facilities. Many of these areas are remote and therefore vulnerable to those who are our enemies. The Trail Watch program is intended to educate the thousands, who ride these trails on snowmobiles to be aware, know what to look for, how to react and how to report what they have seen.


Snowmobilers, America needs your help. If you see something suspicious and feel there may be a threat, follow these guidelines: 

• Do not intervene…there is no reason to expose yourself or others to undue risk. 

• Take notes that record the time and date of the incident; the number of people; descriptions (stature, skin color, hair color, clothing); if a vehicle is used note the make, model and license or registration number. 

• If you can photograph or videotape what you see without risk to yourself, try to do so. 

The best protection against terrorism or crime is vigilance. Law enforcement personnel will tell you that the best protection against crime is alert neighbors…those who are aware of what is normal in their "neighborhood." The trails are the snowmobiler's "neighborhood" and you are in the best position to see what is happening along these trails. 

RIDE AWARE of your surroundings. Watch for anything unusual near sensitive areas like: Power stations power lines, pipe lines (gas and water), dams, locks, bridges, military installations, public water supplies, or any other sensitive facility. 

Being a part of TRAIL WATCH doesn`t take extra time. All you have to do is RIDE AWARE and be prepared to call the toll free NYS Terrorism Tips  Hotline: 

(1-866-723-3697) For emergencies call: 911


After the events of September 11, 2001, the vision of security in the United States changed dramatically for all Americans. In recognition of the threats our country is facing and with the realization that we must all be vigilant, the government has established a Citizens Volunteer Service as part of Homeland Security. 

The NEW YORK STATE SNOWMOBILE ASSOCIATION is responsible for informing those using the thousands of miles of winter trails in New York how they can support this effort by participating in TRAIL WATCH. 

Everyone who uses the states' vast trail system or who is involved in a related business has a vested interest in helping to protect this resource and the areas through which it passes. People who use these trails are the first to know when someone seems out of place, people are acting suspiciously or there is unusual activity along the trail. Law enforcement personnel are too few to provide coverage for all of the sensitive facilities that these trails pass…but you can! 

The enemies of our country think that we are weak and complacent, but we have had enemies in the past, who have also misjudged the American spirit, so be vigilant and…


The New York State Terrorism Tips Hotline is available toll free to report suspicious activity. 

For a Possible Threat; call 1-866-SAFE-NYS (1-866-723-3697)
For Emergencies; call 911 

RIDE AWARE and be on the lookout for: 

People appearing to be involved in surveillance, asking odd questions, sketching, videotaping or taking photos of sensitive areas. 

People near critical facilities who "do not fit." 

People putting material into water. 

Unattended vehicles in unusual locations. 

Suspicious activity near power lines, power stations, pipelines, bridges, overpasses and other sensitive facilities. 

Unusual night activity near sensitive areas. 

Missing lighting or fencing at secured property. 

People transporting suspicious materials on or near the trail. 

People showing uncommon interest in security measures. 

Planes lingering over sensitive areas. 

Unusual activity near military or government installations. 

Anything that you, as a trail user familiar with the area, feel "just isn`t right." 

The New York State Snowmobile Association in partnership with the over 200 snowmobile clubs in New York invites you join with us and become a part of TRAIL WATCH.

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